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“Bored” is not a word heard often at The Meadows…

It is rare to hear our residents say that there is nothing to do at The Meadows! From exercise classes to musical performances, luncheon outings to literature readings, book club to a homemade pie social—each day there are many opportunities for residents to keep active and connect with others.

30 Things To Do At The Meadows

  • Attend an exercise class
  • Go to a homemade pie social
  • Play a trivia game
  • Join the book club or art club
  • Flower arranging
  • Sing with the Meadowlarks, our resident chorus
  • Play bingo
  • Watch a movie or documentary with a bowl of popcorn
  • Go on a luncheon outing to a local restaurant
  • Use our baby grand piano or participate in a drum circle
  • Take part in various arts and crafts activities
  • Experience a lively game of balloon volleyball
  • Have a weekly manicure
  • Celebrate birthdays at our monthly party
  • Spend time in our in-house library reading or doing a puzzle
  • Enjoy s’mores outdoors in the summer
  • Plant flower seeds
  • Get together to hear about current events
  • Participate in festive holiday celebrations throughout the year including Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Oktoberfest, and Christmas
  • Go on an annual fishing trip
  • Ride The Meadows bus to view fall foliage or Christmas lights
  • Attend a religious service
  • Get your hair done at the in-house salon
  • Attend the Resident Council meeting
  • Play cards
  • Attend a live musical performance
  • Work your brain at the Word Building game
  • Take a stroll on our walking trail
  • Have fun with the dogs during a Caring Canine visit
  • Sit by the fireplace and relax
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